The Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor was able to identify (and buy) 55 new publications arriving on the market place for the first time during the month of January. Ten of the new magazines were published with an intention to appear at least 4 times a year (quarterly). Reality Weekly, as the name obviously shows, is published weekly.

Below you will find an image of every new title arriving in January 2012 to the newsstand. If we missed your new title, please send us a copy of the first issue of your magazine and we will gladly add it to the January Monitor. See address at the end of this blog.

And now to the gallery of covers of January 2012:

10 Regularly published frequency

4 Annuals

41 Special interest publications/ Book-a-zines

To add your magazine to the Launch Monitor, please send a copy of your first issue to:

Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor
Samir A. Husni
P.O. Box 1062
776 Shady Oaks Circle
Oxford, MS 38655