1. Where can I purchase this soft cover magazine. I have spoke with people for more than an hour today and no one from the Oxmoor Company, Southern Living, and Time Home Entertainment can tell me. I have make at least 8 calls to these people, been hung up on my a woman, and was told to buy it off of Ebay. Isn’t that nice!!!!!!!!!!! Can someone out there, help the company can’t not.

  2. Sandra Dugan said:

    Where can I buy this magazine?

  3. Where on earth can i purchase this book i have been looking everywhere. Please get back to me

  4. Rhonda Petty said:

    Where can I purchase this?

  5. Lisa Sher said:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase this magazine. I live in Los Angeles. Thanks for any assistance. Lisa


  7. Cheri Stephan said:

    can I order this issue of your magazine online? I missed it on the newstands!c

  8. I am looking to purchase a copy of “Simply sweet best cupcakes ever!” please.

  9. Patty Hulon said:

    I love this cookbook. My daughter came home and saw it, and begged me to let her have it. I don’t want to part with mine. Is there a way I could buy another copy?

  10. How can I order a copy of this magazine?

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