2 thoughts on “Lincoln A Close-Up Of The Man As He Was”

  1. Pam Brekke said:

    In reading this bookazine, I have found several typos and duplicated material. Closer attention to detail before publication would be nice.

  2. “Lincoln, A Close-up of the Man as He Was” is a beautifully designed magazine. However, there is one grievous error on page 89—‘The Generals’.
    As a direct descendant of General WINFIELD Scott, Old ‘Fuss and Feathers’, I was astounded to see the misprint (General Winfred Scott). There is no General by that name that I know of.
    I am sending you a link I looked up online for Mr. Lincoln’s Whitehouse which clearly shows that we are talking about the same personality: General WINFIELD Scott.

    I am author J. Winfield Currie, named after my maternal grandfather Arthur Winfield MacLean (one step closer to the General than I) who founded Portia Law School (originally for women only) in Boston, MA in 1908.
    He and my grandmother (Bertha Robinson MacLean) were the first husband & wife Law Team in the country. Portia was renamed New England School of Law in 1969 and became co-ed; it still remains a school of excellent repute to date.

    I have no axe to grind, and doubt the error could even be corrected, but thought you might like to check out the link I supplied in the event you have occasion to speak about General WINFIELD Scott again.

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