From Einstein to Sinatra, from Superman to Catamaran, May was a month of new launches that showcased niche publishing at its best. Do you want to get up close and personal with DiCaprio? May saw a magazine for that. Want to learn about the original bad boys: the Rat Pack? There is a print issue just for you. And the other new magazines are filled with more tantalizing titles to intrigue you.

Up first, our 14 new print issues with frequency:
Refresh - Frequency-43Called - Frequency-42Catfish World Magazine - Frequency-41Low Sugar Living - Frequncy-40herb gardening - frequency-39American Frontiersman - Frequency-38Horse Sport International-Frequency-37Urban Coco - Frequency-36Catamaran Literary Reader - Frequency-35Inside Autism - Frequency-34585 magazine - frequency-33Cannabis Now - Frequency-32Family Sudoku Frequency-31May 2013-Regional

And now the others:
USA Today National Treasures-87Venus-86Make-85Stitch with Style-84No-Bake Desserts-82Who Really Killed Michael-81American Dream Cottages-80Gettysburg-79Ultimate Aerobatics-78Einstein's Universe-77Cook's Secrets-76Movie Magic - Superman 75th Anniversary Tribute-75A Year in the Life of One Direction-74Gold Medal Our Best Ever Cakes & Pies-73Entertaining with Paula Deen-72Patio Gardens-71Backyard Entertaining-70Vogue Met Gala 2013-69Light and Easy-68Make it Right-67Dub Garage-66Dub Garage-65Yoga at Home-64400 More Ideas-63Complete Book of the Model 1911-62JFK The Ultimate Guide-61Self Beach Body Made Easy-60Cooking Light All-Time Top-Rated Recipes-59Classic Cottages-58Sinatra's Secrets-57Weight Watchers five-star top-rated recipes-56PEOPLE The Bachelor-55Southern Pies-54All You Summer Special - no fre-53USA Today Pet Guide - no fre-52DiCaprio - no fre-51Do It Yourself Outdoor Living - no fre-50Southern Tables - no fre-49LIFE - The Rat Pack - no fre-48Scientific American Extreme Physics - no fre-47Cook's All-Time Best Quick Tips - no fre-46The Great Gatsby Era - no fre-45tomatoes - no fre-44