The titles for June are just as eclectic and interesting as your imagination. You can Discover Your Roots while reading your Guide to Field and Lawn Care where you might discover you’re related to Vikings who love Monsters U. From Raising the Royal Baby to What Justin Bieber Wants in a Girl – the selections for mid-summer span the spectrum of something else a reader might want to absorb while they’re soaking up their summer rays. Oddly enough not one bridal issue in the bunch…hmm…

Up first the 11 with frequency:
One Direction-16Wherever-15Maximum Drive-14What Doctors-13Travel & Adventure-12Manor House-11A Primitive Place-9Universal Hunter-8Toy Story-5Good Company-10Rebel Nation-11

And now for all the others:
Secrets of JFK Jr.s Life-64Great American Fighters-631963 Civil Rights-62The Bible-61Monster U-60The Best Simple Recipes-59Beekeeping-58LIFE El Papa Francisco-57LIFE The Power and the Glory-56Guide to Field and Lawn-55Discover Your Roots-54Vikings-53Rolling Stones-5250 Hottest Bodies-51LIFE Katherine Hepburn-50Natural Knits-49whittling-48US Justin-47Untitled-46Untitled-45Untitled-44Untitled-43Untitled-42Nature Knows Best-41Legends-40Raising Royal Baby-39Mediterrean Menus-38Slow Cooker Meals-37Fast & Fresh-36Big Book of Walking-35Remembering the Amazing 90s-34William & Kate-33Make it Right-32Superman Man of Steel-31Diabetes Meals by the Plate-30Taste of Home Best of Summer-29Salad for Dinner-28Quick & Easy Cards-27Trains of the 1950s-26Angry Birds Explore the world-25Scrapbooking Boys & MenPrincess Kate-23Best of Cottage Style-22TIME Rise of the Robots-21Church Suppers-20National Geographic The Civil War-19BBC American Civil WarCivil War Times' Gettysburg-17150th Anniversary Gettysburg-16TIME Gettysburg-15Media Source Gettysburg-14USA Today GettysburgDrones-12