January 2014 has started the new year off fantastic as far as new launches…the cold weather seems to have injected some fertilizer-laced frost all across the garden of new magazines as 77 new germinations shot straight up and out of the hearts and minds of publishers…including the revival of the print version of Sesame Street, which had folded in 2008. 15 of these precious new magazine shoots are with promised frequency, while 62 others are specials.

Up first, our burgeoning new mags with frequency:

Adult-18Beached Days-56Craft Ideas-47Electric Bike-19EP-5Inspire-23Living Bountiful-65Mud & Obstacle-68New York Theater-55Science Uncovered-33Sesame Street-12SWEAT RX-61Universal Hunter-20UnTacked-4Zeroed-7

And now our January 2014 Specials crop:

Airbase USA-57allure Hair-6American Farmhouse-8Ariana Grande-35Beckett Yearbook Best of 2013-26Card Creations for Him-29Carry On-22Coastal Living Weddings-9Conspiracies-36Consumer Reports FOOD-58Covert Ops-13Daniel Defense-32Easy Southern Suppers-31Elvis was Murdered-46Espionage-27Gone with the Wind-50Home Colors-72Homeland Security-66How to Solder Jewelry-39I Have a Dream-37Jet-1John Wayne-10LIFE Michelle Obama-15LIFE Paul-43MAD Picks-81Make it Organized-17Make it Vintage-49Mandela His Life in photos-11Meals made easy-54Mini Sweets-34National Geographic - Beyond our Galaxy-48Newsweek Marilyn Monroe-60Nourish & Heal-80P38 Lightning-62Paint It-16PEOPLE 174 Great Holiday Ideas-52Pinewood Derby Style Race Cars-25Pot Pies-64Puzzles & Pleasantries-69Quilt with Scraps-73Religious Cults-75Saturday Evening Post Health Issue-78Scientific American Mind-74Scrapbooker's Handbook-51SELF Special Healthy Eating made easy-41Simple & healthy-77Southern Homes-38Southern Living Soups & Stews-45Sports Illustrated-2Tea Pleasures-30The Beatles in America-63The Beatles-42The Bible-71The Holy Land National Geographic-28TIME 100 New Health Discoveries-53TIME Alternative Medicine-44TIME The Beatles Invasion-79Too Young to Die-76Tuning-21US Collectors Edition-70USA Today Sports-3Women who Kill-24