It is said that Julius Caesar reformed the Roman calendar (hence the Julian calendar) in 46 BC. In the process, he renamed this month (July) after himself and surely published the event of the reformation in the brand new “Roman Times” magazine or I’d like to think so anyway…

Suffice it to say, I believe Caesar would be proud of the 77 new titles that have been born in his month, especially a gorgeous new Book-a-zine aptly named “Ancient Rome.”

55 specials and 22 with frequency – certainly a grand July for magazines. So enjoy the beautiful covers and get ready for an amazing August!

Up first our 22 with frequency:
Acrylic Artist-2bella grace-14Cider Craft-10Fitness Girls-20Food & Travel-19Indie Chick-21Inside Tailgating-17iWed-7Modern Pioneer-1Mosaic-6Naturally-3Old Port-4ONE-13Prepper & Shooter-23Pro Pulling-8Road Book-22Row 360-15Survivor's Edge-9The Buzz Rag-18The New Asterisk-5Thrive-11Vapor Voice-16

And now our 55 specials:
6 Ingredient Recipes-4250 Counrty Greats-66101 Amazing Facts-60150th Anniversary Yosemite-792014 College Football-47Ancient Rome-74Bacon-77Baggers to Bobbers-54Baseball Hall of Fame-48Big Book of Sharks-33Bob Hope-56Cakes-63Chicken Recipes-29cookies-45Country's Hottest Stars-68create jewelry-43Crochet More-37Cuisine-76Dawn of the planet of apes-69Delicious Southern Dishes-34Destroyed by Fame-70Do It yourself jewelry-40Fall Baking-39Fantasy-49Farmstand Fresh-59GOLF Magazine-41Gone with the wind-67Great Tips-72Greatest Athletes-61Guide to FAMILY HEALTH-55Handbags-38Healthiest Places to Live-30Hillary-65ID Confidential-71Instyle-24Jerry Garcia-46Life with Archie-31Medical Mysteries-57Mysteries of the Uknown-62People-26ROOMS-58Simple Dinners-25Southern Pies-50Special Ops-53Sports Illustrated-32Sweat RX-35the 90s-78The Royals-75The Truth about Heaven-28Trains-73US Duck Dynasty-52US-27World War I-51XPlanes-64Yoga Journal-36