July 2015 showed strong numbers for new launches, mainly book-a-zines, with 81 titles hitting newsstands; 11 with frequency and 70 specials targeted just for our reading pleasure. Many of the new magazines are promoting the positive and trying to eliminate the negative, which in Mr. Magazine’s™ opinion, has been long overdue.

From The Netherlands’ “Remarkable” and “happinez” to First Descents’ “Out Living It,” people all over the world are putting their best foot forward and looking to the future as something bright and welcomed, rather than an unknown entity out to swallow us up in its unmitigated darkness.

So, lighten up and enjoy our beautiful July 2015 covers – I know I did. Until next month…go read a magazine and relax!

Up first our frequency covers:

A2Z-2Happinez-5Marijuana Venture-4New Roads-7Office-12Out Living It-1Puzzle Fun-1Quilting Traditions-3Remarkable-1Stack Model Magazine-4Yacht Design-1


And now our Specials:

611 In Steam-16 2015 Dwell Design Guide-5Adventures of a Lifetime-8Autumn Decorating-3Back to School-22Best of Weird but True-18Best One Dish Recipes-2Best Recipes-6Bible Legends Interviewed-8Builder's Guide-10Collectibles-12Cooking Fresh-1Cosmopolitan Hot & Healthy-2Doc McStuffins-3Dogfights-4Easy Metal Jewelry-2Easy Weeknight Dinners-3European Treasures-10Everyday Food-11Fall Baking-6Paula Deen's Fall Baking-9Flow-7Folk Knitting-5Food Network Easy Chicken Dinners-8Golf Magazine-5Good Housekeeping Quick Dinners-1Guide to Raising Farm Animals-28Health Flat Belly NowHealth Breakthroughs 2015-8HGTV Magazine-20Holy Land-5Innovators-5Performance Auto & SOund-3Jerry Garcia-3Legendary Aircraft-4Luxury Flooring-13Time Manmade Wonders-9Season in Review-2People 101 Sexiest Men-11People Summer Food-7Pink Floyd-17Pope Francis-13Quiltmaker-1Keith Richards-25Rooms-10Rydel-6The Most Notorious Scandals-21Simply Southern-23Frank Sinatra-9Southern Home-14Southern Pies-27Sports Illustrated-2Step by Step Itaian Recipes-7Sunset National Parks-7Super Simple Cooking-9Survival the Next Evolution-4Teen Beach 2-6The Best of Cottages & Bungalows-4The Brain-2The Escapist-2The New York 90th Anniversary CartoonsThe Unknown Hendrix-19Time Life Survival-15TIME Thomas Jefferson-2Titanic-14Vanidads-26Vintage Collector-2VW Type 2s-8Weed 2.0-6World War II Victory-24