It was a very Merry Christmas indeed with a total of 68 new titles, 32 with promised frequency. From the Neue Journal with a stellar cost of $35 to  more coloring and activity magazines for adults; the month of December was filled with gifts for everyone. From the array of beautiful covers below, one can tell that diversity was relevant as several digital entities such as Tablet, SwimSwam, Gear Patrol, and Pure Times stepped out to join the ranks of print as 2016 has been declared, by Mr. Magazine™ at least, as the year to Celebrate Print!

Welcome to the New Year of print as we revel in our new December launches…and stay tuned for a magnificent January!

Up first our frequency titles:

Ambrosia-5 American Christian Voice-20 Art Dependence-29 ArtBlend-18

Baldwyn-28 Cannabis Business Times-22 Cigar Times-30 Classic Sewing-4 Clever Root-1 CR Men's Book-13 Designing Colors-6 Fathers-15 Gear Patrol-32 Habitual-19 Haute Residence-21 Life & Thyme-10 Living Colors-3 Neue Journal-9 Professional Photography-11 PureTimes-26 Satellite-2 Swim Swam-25 Tablet-16 The Coloring Studio-8 The Unleashed Voice-27 The Window-12 Thoughtfully-14Waiting for the Light-23 Toast-17 Tread-24 Upstater-7 UVape-31


And now our specials:

100 Big Ideas-8100 New Health Discoveries-92016 The Year Ahead-21Birds & Blooms-2

Cafe Racer-4Color Create Relax-5Coloring Book-5Coloring Crystals-3


Declassified-13Epicurious-18Extreme-4Gourmet Comfort-8

rtGun Show-14Life on Earth-2Organizing-11Peaceful Patterns-3

How theBible was Written -17PEOPLE Star Wars-1PEOPLE Yearbook-7Physics at the Limits-20

Pro Football Champions-4SEC Champions-7Slow Cooker Soups & Stews-3Star Trek 50 years-19


Star Wars Collectibles-15Star Wars The Force Awakens-1Star Wars The Force is Back-22The Best of Farm Collector-16

Superbowl 50-5The 70s-6The Private Marilyn-10The Ultimate Guide to Star Wars-2

The Future of Everything-9TIME Alexander Hamilton-12Vintage Collector-1Vanity Fair Confidential-6