March is Springtime’s Keeper and watches over the season of rebirth very closely – allowing the infant to spread its wings and fly as often as possible. And much like the new season, the brand new magazines that are born in the month of March are filled with beauty and energy, and with boundless possibilities awaiting them in the future.

We have 53 titles for March this time around – with seven promising frequency. And niche is still boss, showing us that audiences enjoy that “all about them” feeling they get from the targeted creations that publishers are finding such success with. From a publication dedicated to the world of cheerleading, to the beauty you can find in Galerie, a magazine that connects the art and design world beautifully; March’s titles are magnificent.

Until next month – Enjoy the bounty of magazines…

And now, our beautiful covers. Up first, our frequency:

1843-6 Cheer-7 Flood-8 Galerie-2 Priority Girl-4 The New Augustan-5 Zero Belly-3

And now our specials:

100 Healthiest Foods-28 A Year in Space-1 All-time Best Meat-10 American Presidents-19 Annie's Quilting for the Home-14 Batman v. Superman-2 Best of Chickens-34 Birds & Blooms-1 Brain Games Dot to Dot-8 Calming Psalms-9 Canning-16 Cook's Secrets-5 David Bowie-13 Electric-1 Epicurious-10 Glamour Chic at any size-2 Health Breakthroughs-27 Jesus & Archaeology-15 Lucy-4 MAD 80s-17 Make It Mini-11 Martha Stewart-6 Mayo Clinic-38 Outdoor Spaces-33 People-18 Perennial Garden Ideas-20 Princess Kate-3 Reagan the Last Conservative-6 Remembering the Reagans-7 Secrets of the Vatican-25 Serial Killers-31 Silicon Valley-9 Slow Cooker-26 Small Yards-36 Southern Dishes & Desserts-3 Sports Illustrated-37 Taylor Swift-11 The Best of-4 The Doors-8 The Future of Earth-29 The Jungle Book-7 The Science of Siblings-23 The Sexual Brain-21 The Story of Jesus-32 We love Amiguramie-22 Zombies-5