All wrapped up with shiny bows and pretty paper, the Holiday Season is always a blessed and wonderful time for all of us, and this year was no exception for Mr. Magazine™ or the bevy of beautiful new magazines that hit newsstands. A total of 66 new launches made their holiday debut, with 23 of those titles promising us the gift of regular frequency. From a beautiful new quarterly about the music that is Blues, to theme-related Dot-To-Dot adult coloring books that promise hours of entertainment fun; December had a wonderfully eclectic blend of titles that surely made the hardest to buy for an easy task.

So, I hope that you enjoy our beautiful new launch covers for the month of December and are as excited about the upcoming 2017 magazine New Year as I am.

Up first, our frequency titles:

artspeak-nyc041 avenues047 aw-1617048 b-17g031 blues030 create040 deviation042 extreme-dot-moments-in-h034 extreme-dot-to-dot033 fashion-fanzine049 forks-over-knives036 love-sexo037 luca027 mediterranean-homes039 paint-and-draw035 peeps044 phosphenes038 posture043 qoc045 quiet-lunch028 sci-fi-icons029 us-of-america032 wild-hope046


And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

1970s-in-focus076 american-cars050 barack-obama083 beautiful-southern-homes066 best-harley-sportsters064 chicken-soup-for-the-sou086 drop-a-decade051 ebony-hail-to-the-chief065 essence-the-obamas077 ew-rogue-one082 fat-quarter-quilts079 flow-notebook-for-paper072 hastings-1066075 healthy-recipes054 how-to-enamel-jewelry070 i-did-it055 immunity-boosters090 interstellar068 life-pearl-harbor078 modern-family-cookbook081 new-artificial-intellige062 ng-jesus084 people-star-wars087 people-true-crime092 remodeling056 roasts053 rogue-one071 si-farewell-2016061 star-wars074 sugar-detox069 superbowls-greatest063 the-best-of-vanity-fair052 the-godfather058 the-nation059 time-barack-obama057 time-john-glenn060 titan-rogue-one088 upstyled-home089 us-star-wars073 vanity-fair-liz-taylor091 yankees-magazine085 yoga-mindfulness067 yosemite080