Often the month of January receives a bad wrap; people are finished with the Holiday season and are ready for springtime. And sometimes our expectations are preconceived when it comes to the “J” month that has a whopping, and usually frigid 31 days. But in the world of magazines the month of January was the beginning of the New Year, of course, but also the beginning of some very good and and very beautiful new titles. From the very popular Nick Jr.’s children’s series, Paw Patrol, which as of January had its own magazine, to specialty titles that ranged from 100 Women Who Changed the World to Birds & Butterflies (yes, even the magazine industry is ready for spring), the new titles gave us entertainment, information and inspiration.

So, enjoy our beautiful January, 2017 titles as we gear up for a fabulous February!

Up first, our frequency titles:

all-the-best-kappa-sudok361 ayurveda362 paw-patrol365 skillset364 weight-self-management363

And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

100-new-scientific-disco381 100-women-who-changed375 birds-butterflies391 chicago-trains382 dot-to-dot376 dream-gardens371 erotic-ink383 guide-to-turmeric396 harlequin-romance378 healing-herbs380 hitler392 how-to-paint388 life-first-women390 life-sherlock385 mediterraean-recipes379 newsweek-george-michael369 people-carrie-fisher393 people-george-michael368 rocky-mountain377 sports-illustrated-champ374 the-golden-girls372 the-roaring-20s387 the-science-of-sleep394 the-ultimate-rpg-370 time-mindfulness373 trump-newsweek389 trump386 usa-super-bowl366 usa-today-black-history367 usa-today-trump397 wonders-of-the-world395 your-body384