Springtime is right around the corner and as we say goodbye to February, we say hello to 37 new titles that were launched during the month. We had four new magazines with frequency and 33 specials, bookazines and annuals. From cooking healthy to obtaining “Big Muscles,” the specialty titles were loaded with fun, entertainment and helpful information.

So, I hope that you enjoy our beautiful February covers.

And remember, Mr. Magazine™ doesn’t count any title unless he has an actual, physical copy of the magazine.

Until next month…here are our February covers.

Up first, our frequency titles:

quiltfolk773 rova772 rustic-weddings774 thrivin809

And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

beauty-and-the-beast778 bikers-for-trump795 cut-the-sugar790 ground-beef-favorites794 healthy-cooking-guide784 healthy-smoothies786 innocent785 mens-health-big-muscle782 mini-gardens791 national-champions803 natural-healing-answers781 natural-home-remedies783 one-day-backyard-project792 people-mary-tyler-moore806 rise-up796 saturday-night-live808 scenery-structure789 sew-scrappy788 skillet-recipes793 slow-cooker-church-potlu776 southern-slow-cooker799 special-ops804 sporting-news802 the-best-of-wwe801 the-color-of-love777 the-dead-sea-scrolls805 the-mindfulness-manual800 time-the-science-of-marr807 tolkien-newsweek779 vanity-fair-icons-meryl780 vintage-garden-style787 yoga-international775 yoga-today798