Topics covering food, home, & inspiration filled the month of March with fantastic new content.  New Generation (from Stampington & Company), a new teen magazine designed to be different and unique by offering pages to journal thoughts and emotions onto, hit newsstands for the first time this month. Cause & Effect became a tangible item with a new magazine that marries fashion and politics; the highly popular lesbian magazine Curve relaunched this month, and for the first time on Mr. Magazine’s™ newsstand, Elysian, a magazine launched in 2016, appeared and what a beautiful addition it was.

Along with other first-ever-seen-on-Mr. Magazine’s™-newsstand titles, such as Inspiring Lives and Conscious. It was a magnificent month for magazines, to say the least. And as we all settle into the month of April, preparing to enjoy another glorious springtime, we also anticipate another auspicious magazine month. But first enjoy our marvelous March covers!

******And please remember, if Mr. Magazine™ can’t physically hold, touch and purchase the magazine, it does not enter the monthly counts. And counts now include only the titles with a regular frequency that are either new or arriving to the national newsstands for the first time.