While nicotine, the tobacco additive, might not be the most popular of substances, they do say it is addictive, but not nearly as addictive as the New York based fashion magazine of the same name, Nicotine. This is Mr. Magazine’s™ first eye contact on newsstands with this beautifully hypnotic magazine, but not its first go round. More to come on Nicotine. Originally published by Stampington & Company, Where Women Create, the inspiring, top-selling brand created by Jo Packham, hit newsstands without the Stampington & Company partnership. It’s a new life for Jo and her creative children, and Mr. Magazine™ says welcome!

A contemporary culture publication, The Fullest, states that their presence is ‘moved by the complexity and multi-faceted interests of their audience. They’re committed to consistently creating content that is both timely and timeless across all areas of modern life; from wellness to travel, fashion to food, influencers to urban affairs, and art to entertainment.’ It’s a beautiful magazine that is a welcome addition to the space.

And along with all of the other new or first-seen on Mr. Magazine’s™ newsstand titles, the month of April was definitely a nurturer of gorgeous print magazines, as well as the beautiful flowers that are starting the month of May off right!

So, enjoy our artful covers.

Until we meet again for our magnificent May titles…

See you at the newsstands!

******And please remember, if Mr. Magazine™ can’t physically hold, touch and purchase the magazine, it does not enter the monthly counts. And counts now include only the titles with a regular frequency that are either new, first-seen on Mr. Magazine’s™ newsstands, or arriving to the national newsstands for the first time.