October: The Month For Pumpkins & Fall Harvests Also Produced Healthy Numbers For New Launches; 62 Total – 21 With Promised Frequency

October is the month when children get excited about Halloween, parents get to indulge in leftover candy and new magazines are abundant. Whether preparing for the upcoming Christmas season or simply doing what magazines do best, reflecting our society, October brought us some of the most engaging content and beautiful imagery since…well, since September.

From Guideposts’ inspirational and beautifully done “Mornings with Jesus” that launched after several test issues,  to Meredith’s “Beekman 1802 Almanac” and everything in between; the new titles were diverse and simply entertaining with topics and content that will provide the audience with many joyful hours of reading. So, here we go with our beautiful October covers…

The beautiful bake From Scratch from the folks at Hoffman Media joins the rest of the October titles together with Heroes Reborn and Star Wars Rebels  and Goder Magazine that arrives with two great covers, front and back, which are shown for your viewing pleasure, but counts as one magazine…

Up first our Frequency Covers:

All-In-16 Amazing Magazine-19 Bake From Scratch-13 BB Magazine-10 Beekman 1802 Almanac-7 Butternut-2 Elucid NY-2 First Time-3 Forged-5 Goder Magazine Cover 2-12 Goder Magazine Cover1-11 Heroes Reborn-8 Keith-20 Knock Smith Catalogue Magazine-4 LaPalme-1 Lowrider Scene Magazine-9 Mornings with Jesus-1 Pollen-18 Rustic Country-4 Stars Wars Rebels-3 STOL Aircraft Magazine-5 The KNow-15

And now our Special Covers:

65 slow-cooker masterpieces Architectural Digeset Celebrity Homes Assassinations-13 Best Holiday Recipes Bruce Lee-10 Cast Iron -9 Classic Family Dinners Cookie Swap-8 David Mann Diana Gear Guide Give Detroit Gold Rush Gourmet Holiday Baking Happiness Now-7 History of Flight-5 Holy Chow Charleston Palate James Bond the world's most famous spy Mockingjay-2 Music Icons Pink Floyd Optimum Nutrition Real Simple the Organized Home Relish Cookies and Holiday Favorites Remembering John Lennon Science of Dogs & Cats Sinatra 100 Years-1 Southern Homes-11 Steve Jobs Strange But True Style Your Season Teatime Holidays The 12 Apostles-3 The Epic Saga The Supreme Court The World of Spies The World's Most Haunted Places Undertaker USA Today Nasa WWII Combat on the Front Yoga Essential Poses-6 Yogi Berra-12


New Launches For September Were Sensational – 53 Total Titles – 11 With Promised Frequency…

The month of September for many of us is about transitions – schools are back in full swing, the crispness of fall is teasing us with somewhat cooler temps (depending upon where you live) and magazines are gearing up for all of the upcoming holiday editions…It’s an exciting and vibrant time for everyone.

September for new launches was great – there were 53 total titles – 11 with frequency and 42 specials. The frequency magazines were very diverse, from Via Corsa, a fantastic new magazine that takes us beyond the purchase of one’s dream car, to what you do with it after that, to Southern Home, a graceful and stylish new publication that features the classic beauty of decor in the southern realms.

And the specials were just as unique and beautiful, from Best Holiday Recipes to Crafting Fun, there was something for every one this September.

So, enjoy the beautiful covers and I’ll see you next month for an opulent October in the world of new launches…

**Please note that Red Hot Rock had two different covers, but only counts as one new launch**

Up first, our frequency covers:

Before They Were Famous-4 Conde Nast Modern Design-6 Do-3 Everyday Wisdom from the Bible-8 Made by You-1 Red Hot Rock 1-9 Red Hot Rock 2-10 relax With Art-5 Roadkill-1 Southern Cast Iron-7 Southern Home-1 Via Corsa-2

And now our beautiful specials:

50 of the world's last greatest places-25100 Events that changed the world-20A Quilted Christmas-11Ancient American civilizations-19

Best Holiday Recipes-13Carol Burnett-9Cosmo Your Fun Fearless Life-26Crafting Fun-17

Descendents-42Fall Recipes-16Frank Sinatra-41Get Organized-4


Guide to Raising Farm Animals-36Happy•Colors-21History of Flight-14Holiday Favorites-40

John Lennon-5Jordan-24Journeys in Color-15Mad Unplugs TV-35

Madonna-33Men's Health Guide to Everything-18Military Surplus-10Newsweek- John Lennon-7

Personal Defense Walther-37Pumpkin Spice Handbook-8Secret Societies-22Single shot rifles and cartridges-28


Slow Cooker Holiday Classics-38Southern Thanksgiving-39Sports Illustrated - Greatest of the SEC-6The Brain-29

The Family Handyman -34Thrive-23Time Francis-32True Crime-30


Ultimate Blooms-1USA Today - Francis comes to america-2USA Today - WWII-3Vintage Holiday-27Water Wise Gardening-12



















Women Who Rule TV-31









59 New Titles For August – 20 With Regular Frequency – It Was Another Great Month For New Magazines…

From the latest trend in stress relief for adults: coloring books, to the controversial world of marijuana commercial growing and selling; the month of August was filled with titles that continue to reflect the face of our society more than any other medium in the industry.

Arts & Crafts were big this time around and eating well remained important as the kaleidoscope of covers below will show as you give them a look – 59 new titles in all – 20 with promised frequency…it was truly another healthy month for magazines…

**You will notice two Time Specials that are both “Marijuana Goes Main Street,” both covers were included for your viewing, but only count as one magazine…

See you next month…

Up first our frequency covers:

Artenol-21 Biz Peake-5 Cabin Living-19 Calming Art-1 Color Calm-4 Coloring Heaven-2 Coloring Meditation-3 Craft Girl-17 Drones-6 Eating Naturally-10 Faces-14 Gunslingers-18 MG-11 Natural Modern-8 Pain-Free Living-7 Relax with Art-16 Shutter-1 Simply Moderne-9 Take-13 The History of Rock-12

And now our August Specials:

21-Day Yoga Challenge-1 2015 Baseball Hall of Fame-12 All Time Best Make Ahead Recipes-29 All-time Best Recipes-30 American Girl Everyday Fun-9 Attitude Era-10 Coloring is a form of happiness-5 Cottage Counrty-9 Cottage Kitchens-8 Diabetic Desserts-16 Electric Car Insider-10 Elle Style Essentials-2 Felted-17 Forbes The Smarter College Guide-3 From Scraps to Sensational-3 Guide to the Night Sky-26 Haunted Mysteries and Legends-4 Health-20 History's Greatest Conspiracy Theories-28 Kool Kars & Hot Honeys-6 Led Zeppelin-15 Mixed Media Jewelry-19 Movie Reunions-7 Organize your Stuff-13 Pope Francis 2-23 Pope Francis in America-22 Pope Francis-5 Roddy Piper-7 Small Homes-27 The Bible Why It Matters Today-6 The Caitlyn Jenner Story-24 The New Story of the Holy Land-21 The Queen-18 TIME Marijuana Goes Main Street Cover 2-14 TIME Marijuana Goes Main Street-2 Trends-25 Ultimate Book of Bugs-4 Vanished-8 Vanity Fair Special Edition-2 Weapons of WWII-11

July Looked Great With 81 New Magazines Hitting The Marketplace – 11 With Promised Frequency…

July 2015 showed strong numbers for new launches, mainly book-a-zines, with 81 titles hitting newsstands; 11 with frequency and 70 specials targeted just for our reading pleasure. Many of the new magazines are promoting the positive and trying to eliminate the negative, which in Mr. Magazine’s™ opinion, has been long overdue.

From The Netherlands’ “Remarkable” and “happinez” to First Descents’ “Out Living It,” people all over the world are putting their best foot forward and looking to the future as something bright and welcomed, rather than an unknown entity out to swallow us up in its unmitigated darkness.

So, lighten up and enjoy our beautiful July 2015 covers – I know I did. Until next month…go read a magazine and relax!

Up first our frequency covers:

A2Z-2Happinez-5Marijuana Venture-4New Roads-7Office-12Out Living It-1Puzzle Fun-1Quilting Traditions-3Remarkable-1Stack Model Magazine-4Yacht Design-1


And now our Specials:

611 In Steam-16 2015 Dwell Design Guide-5Adventures of a Lifetime-8Autumn Decorating-3Back to School-22Best of Weird but True-18Best One Dish Recipes-2Best Recipes-6Bible Legends Interviewed-8Builder's Guide-10Collectibles-12Cooking Fresh-1Cosmopolitan Hot & Healthy-2Doc McStuffins-3Dogfights-4Easy Metal Jewelry-2Easy Weeknight Dinners-3European Treasures-10Everyday Food-11Fall Baking-6Paula Deen's Fall Baking-9Flow-7Folk Knitting-5Food Network Easy Chicken Dinners-8Golf Magazine-5Good Housekeeping Quick Dinners-1Guide to Raising Farm Animals-28Health Flat Belly NowHealth Breakthroughs 2015-8HGTV Magazine-20Holy Land-5Innovators-5Performance Auto & SOund-3Jerry Garcia-3Legendary Aircraft-4Luxury Flooring-13Time Manmade Wonders-9Season in Review-2People 101 Sexiest Men-11People Summer Food-7Pink Floyd-17Pope Francis-13Quiltmaker-1Keith Richards-25Rooms-10Rydel-6The Most Notorious Scandals-21Simply Southern-23Frank Sinatra-9Southern Home-14Southern Pies-27Sports Illustrated-2Step by Step Itaian Recipes-7Sunset National Parks-7Super Simple Cooking-9Survival the Next Evolution-4Teen Beach 2-6The Best of Cottages & Bungalows-4The Brain-2The Escapist-2The New York 90th Anniversary CartoonsThe Unknown Hendrix-19Time Life Survival-15TIME Thomas Jefferson-2Titanic-14Vanidads-26Vintage Collector-2VW Type 2s-8Weed 2.0-6World War II Victory-24

70 New Titles Made For A Very Jubilant June – 25 With Promised Frequency…

June was a joyous month for new magazines, with 70 bright, new titles hitting newsstands. Out of those 70 new launches, 25 were with promised frequency. From music to travel to puzzles, and just about everything in between, the onset of summer brought with it sizzling new titles that everyone can enjoy.

So, grab your hammock and a glass of lemonade and get ready to enjoy some great summer reading with some great new magazines. But first have a look at the amazing covers that graced the month of June…

Up first, our frequency:

Best of the Road-3 Bugout-12 Dr. Who Adventures-1 Essential Oils Magazine-9 FD House-10 GP Racing-22 Later.-5 Le Pan-26  Modern Trader-13 Molly Green Magazine-8Zen Doodle Workshop-7 Nash Country Weekly-11 Nickelodeon Magazine-21 OpenHouse-20 Pro Touring-6 Robot-24 Samata-16 Sudoku-23 The Bight-15 The Power Issue-18 The Travel Almanac-2 The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft-14 Train for Her-4 Zen Colouring Patterns-19 Meta-17

And now our specials:

Collectibles-13 Cook in Season-36 Easy Herb Gardening-1 Eat Clean & Detox-8 Eating Clean-27 European Homes & Style-39 Gourmet Summer Entertaining-1 Healthy Meals in Minutes-6 Heavy Hauls-4100 People WHo Shaped our world-18Coastal Living Cottage Style-28Amazing Miracles-1Rebel Rodz-9Best Brunch & Breakfast-2Best Grilling Recipes-3Best Summer Grilling Recipes-2Great Backyards-33 I Love Lucy-4 Inside the New Cuba-7 Life Secrets of the Ancient World-38 LIFE To Kill a Mockingbird-2 Mollie Makes Social Media-11 Popular Science-31 Prelude-15

Rimfires-30 Scientific American Innovators The Evolution of Your Body-32 Scientific American The Science of Food-29 Small Spaces Big Ideas-12 Solutions for Everyday Health-5 Southern BBQ-17 Special Operations-35 Style Twins-7 Sudoku-6 Summer Eats-3 The Best of Bond-3 The Biggest Loser-16 The Dalai Lama-5 The Grateful Dead-14 The Money Guide to Home Improvemet-4 The Secret Lives of Royal Women-8 Time 1945-34 Time Life World War II 100 Crucial Days-37 Trail & Scale-10 Ultimate Perenial Problem Solver-40 Usa today-1

A Truly Magnificent May With 81 New Launches – 28 With Frequency…

May turned in some very serious numbers for 2015 – 28 new titles with intended frequency & 53 specials – 81 new magazine launches total. An absolutely beautiful way to  kick off the upcoming summer months. And from every indication Mr. Magazine™ has; it’s going to be a sizzling-hot summer for magazines and magazine media.

May showed us once again print’s stamina and its ability to showcase content the way no other media can. Frequency titles tempted us to sit back and relax with everything from tips on genealogy to 3D printing. And the special issues were just as entertaining and diverse; from the party of the year; Vogue’s Met Gala, to American’s Most Notorious Criminals – and no, none on that list attended the Gala; at least, I hope not.

I hope you enjoy our beautiful covers for May…let’s get started…

Up first, our frequency….

Adventure Outdoors-13Ballistic-7Blackbook-12Crave-21Flood-1 DOA-10Emerge-113D-2Long Range-5Vintage Beautiful-3Riviera Living-4Your Geneology-6SO-7American Shooting Journal-8Txture-9Ever After High-14Gay Weddings & Marriage Magazine-15Girls Guns & Rods-16Live Better Naturally-6Nourish-2Pattern-20Popular-9Re-Edition-5Retro Videogame Magazine-8Start Your Life-18The Happy Reader-3Tiny Atlas Quarterly-17Wheels Afield-19

And now, our specials….

100 Breakthrough Health Discoveries-30All-Time Best Freezer Meals-66Anime USA-58Beach Cottages-32Vogue-18America's Most Notorius Criminals-19Mug Cakes & More-20Beautiful Blooms-22Farm Fresh-10cottage garden projects-12Style Twins-13Yoga For Busy Lives-21Best Grilling Recipes-14Great American Getaways-15Easy Party Cakes-11Travel South-16Best Drives & Dives-41Cook It Right-55Country Sampler's Prairie Style-62Country Music's Greatest Eats-46Elvis-23Dogs-54ESPN Cricinfo-37Fast Fresh & Filling-48Life Fleetwood Mac-56Glutes-67Newsweek Grateful Dead-47Grilling-57How-To Guide Digital Photography-36It's A Girl Welcome Princess Charlotte-53Legends of Boxing-45Mother Earth News Modern Homesteading-35Time Modern Explorers-44Nascar Illustrated Book of LIsts-33Newsweek Princess Charlotte-38OS X Yosemite-29People William & Kate Welcome A Little Princess-65Perfect Pies-25Secrets of Living Longer-59Summer Special Sandra Lee-39Sunset Summer Trips-26Taste of Summer-43Taste of the South Southern Potluck-49The Beatles-42The Gulf War-34This Is Your Brain on Mad-64Trips of a Lifetime-40U2 Rolling Stone-31Vanity Fair Hollywood Power-51Will & Kate's Princess-24Women Who Kill-22Wonders of the Ancient World-61World War II War in Pacific-27


Along With the Showers, April brought 70 New Titles to the Newsstand…20 With Promised Frequency…

The beauty of Springtime, in large part, is always the fresh, new buds that Mother Nature gives birth to and then nurtures with her showers and warmer temperatures.

April saw major publishers doing the same thing with their brands, giving birth to beautiful new magazines and cosseting them with the care and concern that only a parent can.

A total of 70 new titles hit the newsstand for April and 20 of them were with regular frequency. Out of those 20 newborns, 5 of them were delivered from large-scale publishers that show no fear in the face of cynics who still decry the value of print in today’s world. Print is on the rise; was there ever any doubt?

From National Geographic’s ‘History’ to Bauer’s powerhouse, ‘Simple Grace;’ the big houses are once again inking up their printers and truly having a good old-fashioned ‘print’ revival. Meredith launched ‘Parents Latina;’ Smithsonian has decided to take quarterly ‘Journeys’ and Rodale is educating us on the ‘Organic Life.’ What more could a magazine lover ask for? Maybe to see the beautiful covers?

Up first, our frequency titles:

National Geographic History-7 Smithsonian Journeys-1Souvenier-2Parents Latina-3Monrowe-6Sea side Style-1Catster-6Simple Grace-5She Shreds-13Tapas-12The One Yacht & Design-11Curbside Cuisine-10Plus-1The Fashionable Lampoon-7Crosswords-4Organic Life-5Decorating-2Creativ-2Simply Sewing-3Concealment-4

And now for our specials:

The Science of Sleep-3 Code of the West-13People Dancing with the Stars-1The Kentucky Derby-2Spring in the South-9Trains of the 1970s-8Be Prepared-6Southern Cottage-4Shoot 101-3Newsweek VE Day-1Fast Fresh and Filling-7Best Beach Getaways-26Canning-5Hot Body Secrets-25Freezer Meals-23Science of Sex-2Garden-Fresh Recipes-22Bohemian Home-21Best-ever Light and Healthy Recipes-20Elizabeth Taylor-24Beretta-19The Binge Guide-16The Hidden World of Secret Societies-15Embellishments-14Stanley Built-ins & Storage-12How Things Work-18100 Breakthrough Discoveries-17Best of Flea Market style-11America's National Parks-9Gluten Free-1USA Today Hubble at 25-13Small-Space Gardening-22Fresh 5-Ingredient Recipes-21World War II-10Hockey's Greatest Goalies-20cooking for two-8A Tribute to Leonard Nimoy-19The Band of Brothers-17Gluten-Free Baking-16Outdoor Rooms-4The Civil War Generls in the Field-9Popular Science-10March to VE Day-11Secret Societies-12LIFE 100 Women Who Changed the World-14Cottage Gardener-15Simply Sweet Fun Treat-75SOS-8

Ballers-5Backyard Birding Food Guide-6

69 New Titles For March – 15 With Frequency…

Niche distinctiveness is the only description applicable to the new launches for March. From frequency to the special editions; the unique and singular magazine reigned supreme. Drones 360, Womankind, Cheese and Gardening in the Shade, are only a few of the individualistic titles that were born in the month of March. This trend is becoming the norm for the magazine industry as it recognizes the perfection of its own excellent ability to seek out the audience’s interests and provide the relevant information they need to enhance their magazine experience.

I hope you enjoy our beautiful March covers and are looking forward to an  astonishing April!

Up first our frequency titles:

ACT 2-5Alpine Modern-3Conscious Company-2Cosplay-3Cottage Hill-6Dogster-7Drone360-6Food & Family-4GFF Magazine-3M Collections -1Modern Hieroglyphics-2The Collective Quarterly-7The Great Discontent-10West Hollywood-11Womankind-2

And now our special issue covers:

50 Ways-1100 Journeys of a Lifetime-31AR-15-17Arts and Crafts Furniture-45Backyard Style-13Birds and Butterflies-62Cheese-57Cottage White-12Eat Well Feel Good-16Fairy Tale Moments-7Family Meals under $10-14Gardening in the Shade-6Golf Magazine-74Grateful Dead-9Ground Beef Cooking-18Herod's Palace-1Historic Cats-9Home Tours-28How to cook with eggs-73How to Clean-2Jesus His Life After Death-41Jesus His life and legacy-5Jesus-3Juices & Smoothies-11Leonard Nimoy-13Lincoln-10Lincoln-66Marilyn The FBI Files-15New Classic Styles-20Paula Deen's Best Chicken Dishes-15People Crimes of Passion-50People eddings-16Perennial Garden Ideas-7Plant Combos-54Quiltcon-46Quilts for a Rainy Day-12Quilts for every occasion-19Rookies-38Secrets of Staying Young-58Simple Easy Fast-37Skillet Dinners-17Soap Opera Digest-8Sporting News-16Star Trek-65Tasty Trends-42The Civil War from A to Z-49The Life of Jesus-53Street Chopper-8The Private Marilyn-11The Search for Life in the Universe-6The WHO-10Time Mark Twain-27Upcycled Style-61women of the Bible-4




New Launches & Weather Gave Us A February 2015 To Remember – 65 Total New Titles On The Marketplace – With 16 Promising Frequency

While most of us have had a ‘Frozen’ February and had to ‘Sift’ through quite bit of snow and ice; new magazines have kept right up with Mother Nature’s upheavals. From Disney’s new children’s bi-monthly magazine, Frozen, to the epicurean delight of Sift; new titles offered a warm haven to escape to during a cold winter month that for most of us went beyond the mere chill of wintry winds and cold temperatures.

February 2015 saw 65 new titles hit newsstands, with 16 of those launches promising regular frequency. Specials were once again diversely niche, offering everything from March Madness to The Sound of Music. Cooking and eating healthy remained a strong voice in new magazines and also book-a-zines devoted to notable topics such as The Civil Rights Movement, Science & Entertainment.

So, I hope you enjoy the beautiful covers for February 2015 and are getting ready for spring renewal with warmer temperatures and sunshiny days and more new magazines to discover in the marvelous month of March!

Up first, our frequency covers:

Automotive Dreamz-8Double Runner-2Dr. Mercola's Health & Nutrition-3Enjoy Every Day-6Frozen-7High Five-9Home Defender-7Mid Century Mod-5My Wedding-1Riot of Perfume-3Sift-2Stars on Parade Word Search-4Tactical Training-4The Navigator-5The Window-10Vintage Beautiful-6

And now for our specials:

5-Ingredient Recipes-195-Star Recipes-813x9 Taste of Home-1640 Years of Saturday Nigt Live-2050 Shades of Grey-175 Years of March Madness-14200 Stars Behind Bars-31865-4A Century of Change-25Arm knittingBaseball's Greatest-22Blue Ribbon Crochet-12Cook heathyCottage Gardener-18Daytona 500Everyday Hair Extensions-5Fantasty baseballFive Star Desserts-7Foods to Live Longer-17Guide to Eating Gluten Free-2Just in Time Knits-5Legends of Wrestlemania-2March Madness-21Mob Kings-13National ChampionsNature's Best Remedies-13Off the Grid-28Playboy-24Quick Family Dinners-20Recommended Components-11Shop Healthy for Less-19Skillet Suppers-10Small Space Style-4Smithsonian-12Sports Illustrated The Buckeyes-17Storage ideaSurvivor 30 Seasons-15Tampa Bay Tennis-23The 100 geartest hip-hop songsThe Best of 2015-23The Civil War-16The New Universe-18The Sound of Music-3The World's Best Tattoos-6TIME 100 New Scientific Discoveries-15Weekly meal plannerWomen in the Bible-11Yoga-22Your Baby's Brain-1

January Started The Year Off Right With 57 New Titles Hitting The Marketplace – 14 Of Them With Regular Frequency…

From a BigLife to a slice of Pineapple; January 2015 was a grand month indeed for new launches. The magazines were bold, vibrant and monumentally diverse in both topic and design. Within the 14 new frequency titles, there was something for everyone: comics, hair fashion, travel, healthy eating and a host of other relevant and interesting subjects of thought.

And in the 43 special issues it was definitely a mixed bag: from losing your belly to a plethora of titles about the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley.

So, I hope you enjoy our beautiful covers for January 2015 and we’ll see you again next month for a fabulous February. After all, it is the month for lovers. And if you’re like me, you can’t wait to see what the magazine makers have in store for us that heartfelt month! Until then…enjoy our January covers…

Up first our frequency titles:

BigLife-24Entity-18In Cover-17Makeshift-11McBain-14New Hair Trends-4New York Horse-1Pineapple-16Plough Quarterly-12Puss Puss-22Rebel Rags-23Ultimate Spiderman-13Well-fed Paleo Diet-15Yoga Digest-9

And now our January specials:
100 Celebrity Diet Secrets-1Airports-81Architecture-37Best Body-13Dish and Done-11Easy Family Food-35Eat to Beat Diabtes-1Elvis Newsweek-5Elvis Tribute-79Elvis-27Fifty Shades of Gray-25Good & Fresh-42Health Your Best Body Now-7How to Clean-43Inside the Biblical World-83Legendery Women of the Bible-85LIFE James Dean-36Lose Your Belly-33MAD Spoofs Movie Classics-7Make it Organized-30Make It Over-28Make It Patchwork-29Nourish & Heal-40Ohio State-6Only Yesterday Word Seek-38Organic Gardening-8Outsmart Cholesterol-33People Latino-82Photos of the Year-3Reader's Digest Lose Your Belly-84Room to Create-77Stanley Home Repairs-39Sugar Detox Made Easy-80The 100 Year Fight for Civil Rights-6The Best Law of Attraction-2The Greatest Mysteries Revealed-9The Most Notorious Serial Killers-26The Sound of Music-10Thinner Dinners For Two-41Trains of the 1940s-4Weed Nation-5Your Body-78Your Brain-12


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