The Magazine Launches Of 2022…

Not much happened in the last quarter of 2022 in the world of new magazine launches. Only 12 new magazines appeared on the nation’s newsstands, bringing the total of magazine launches to 74. Add to that three relaunched titles Mad, Marie Claire, and Ebony.

Below is a breakdown of the new titles of 2022:

Total US Print Magazines Launched By Category In 2022*

16 Special Interest 

10 Sex

08 Women’s

07 Arts & Literary

05 Metro & Regional

05 Home

05 Crafts/Games/Hobbies

05 Black/Ethnic

04 Auto, Motorcycle, & Bikes 

03 Food

02 Children’s 

01 Travel

01 Music

01 Men’s

01 Hunting & Fishing

*A total of 74 new magazines were launched in 2022 compared to 122 in 2021 and 60 in 2020.

And here are the images of all the aforementioned magazines of 2022:

And here’s what I wrote on the Mr. Magazine™ blog about the current status of magazine launches:

The new magazine launches of 2022 were as cold as the arctic weather that hit the nation in the last few days of December.  In 2020 the number of new magazines dropped to 60 titles, but then we had COVID 19 to blame.  In 2021 the number of new launches doubled and some more to 122.  But in 2022 the number of the brave souls who launched new titles, or brought old ones back to life stopped at 74 new titles.

I asked Doug Olson, the president of a360 Media, about his reaction to the aforementioned news. His answer, “2022 was a year of perseverance for the magazine industry. Through hard work, leadership, and continued innovation, the industry navigated input costs, advertiser supply chain issues, labor shortages, and unprecedented consumer inflation in ways that position the industry for a successful 2023!” 

Whether 2023 will see an improvement in the number of new title launches or not is yet to be seen.  What is for sure is that the so called book-a-zines or special interest publications have taken over the nation’s newsstands squeezing out both the established regularly published magazines and the arriving newbies.

Never in my recent memories have I walk into a newsstand and left empty handed.  Twice in 2022 that happened, to the surprise of my wife.  “You mean you did not find a single new magazine,” she asked with honest surprise on her face.  

Don’t lose the faith, keep the hope and head to a newsstands to pick up a magazine or two…

All the best,

Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, Ph.D.

Founder & Director

Magazine Media Center


22 Titles Debut Or Return To The Newsstands In The Third Quarter Of 2022…

From The Mountains to Raised Southern, from Feel Free to RV Today and I Love RVing, from Western Life Today to EV Builder’s Guide the field of magazines (keep in mind my definition of magazines: ink on paper) gained 22 titles on the nation’s marketplace including the return of some favorites that took a break from print or life for some time. Creem, the original rock and roll magazine, made a great comeback (only by subscription) and so did Mad and Marie Claire.

So far 2022 has witnessed the launch of 62 titles compared to 81 for the same period of 2021. In the first quarter of 2022 28 titles were launched. In the second quarter the number dropped to 12. The third quarter saw 22 titles introduced.

Of note is the high cover price of the majority of the new magazines. $9.99 and $12.99 is now the norm and the exception. New magazines continue to find a niche and good editors continue to be creative curators of information that leads to an experience.

***And please remember, if Mr. Magazine™ can’t physically hold, touch and receive or purchase the magazine, it does not enter the quarterly counts. And counts now include only the titles with a regular frequency that are either new, first-seen on Mr. Magazine’s™ radar, or arriving to the national newsstands for the first time. If we missed yours, please mail a copy to Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, P.O. Box 1062, Oxford, MS 38655 and we will include in next quarter’s numbers. Thank you and head to a newsstand near you to pick up a copy of the latest new magazine out there… Enjoy


A Draught In The Land Of New Magazines: Only 12 New Titles Arrived At The Nation’s Newsstands in Q 2, 2022.

Indeed a major draught. Only 12 magazines (two are relaunched and two are from the UK but with an American bipad). That is a drop of 16 titles from the first quarter of 2022, bringing the total of magazine launches in the first half of 2022 to 40.

The marketplace has been bombarded with book-a-zines that are arriving at a rapid speed that defy any possibility to count and document. Book-a-zines are everywhere and they are changing the nature of magazines and the retail space magazines used to occupy. Whether at the checkout counters or the mainlines book-a-zines are taking over and those magazines with a regular frequency are taking a back seat, if any seat at all.

So should we lose hope? Never. I always like to quote the famous Arabic saying, ” They who know the work hope, don’t know the word impossible.”

With that said, here is the crop of the second quarter of 2022 led by the May 2022 issue of Behind Her Brand, the first newsstand issue of American Essence, and the premiere issue of Solo Habitat with its tag line Life. Styled. Breakthrough Journal made its newsstand debut and so did Edition from Modern Luxury.

Here are the second quarter new titles of magazines:

Until next quarter, I wish you all the best.

Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni, Ph.D.

Founder and Director

Magazine Media Center

28 New (And One Returning) Titles Arrive At The Marketplace The First Quarter Of 2022

Keeping on track with the first quarter of 2021, a total of 29 magazines were available at the marketplace (whether at the newsstands or available via digital newsstands selling print). The magazines were as diverse in their subject matter and content as anyone can imagine.

Those new titles ranged in topics from Divorcing Well to In Her Garden, from Aspiring who launched its first national issue after being a regional magazine, to Al-Hayya a bilingual magazine in Arabic and English aimed at Arab women all over the globe. Ebony made its return to print with a special issue and Bavual made its debut after a preview issue earlier last Fall. Hills Views & Valleys is attempting to redefine luxury, while Reed is attempting to redefine design.

Of note the return of sex magazines to the marketplace. Nine of the 29 titles were sex titles as you can see in the pictures below.

Keep in mind that if it is not ink on paper, it is not a magazine in my book, and if I do not have a physical copy of the magazine it is not on the list.

Here are the titles that I was able to find in the first Quarter of 2022. Enjoy.

47 New Titles Arrive On The Nation’s Newsstands In The Last Six Months (April – September 2021)…

Black Cannabis magazine and 46 other new titles arrived to the nation’s newsstands during the months of April to September of 2021. The new magazines covered every conceivable subject from the indoors to the outdoors and beyond. In a climate that is filled with uncertainty, the new titles continue to pump new blood in a magazine media market that has seen so many changes in the last few years.

From Bauer’s Drew magazine to AIM’s Finding Home, there is no shortage of new ideas to reach customers searching for curated and edited content. From Kindling to Mother Tongue, from In Pickleball to PawPrint, and from the $95 a copy (and worth every penny) Curious magazine from the newly established Curious Society, to the latest addition in bicycling magazines BETA… you name the subject and rest assured you are going to find a title or two (well make that three or four) that addresses that subject matter in a very engaging, entertaining, and authentic way like no other mass media can ever do.

So, here are the titles that yours truly was able to find in the last six months, some are brand new, some just made their arrival to the newsstands, and some arrived from overseas to our shores.

Keep in mind that in my book magazines are much more than content providers, they are experience makers.

So, take a look at the new experience makers below and please remember, if Mr. Magazine™ can’t physically hold, touch and purchase the magazine, it does not enter the monthly counts. And counts now include only the titles with a regular frequency that are either new, first-seen on Mr. Magazine’s™ radar, or arriving to the national newsstands for the first time. 


Whether you want to take a Royals Rue or you want to Justsmile and be Seen, or take a Men’s Adventure or be an Adventure Rider with or without a Crankshaft, there is always room for Delish and there is a new magazine with all the aforementioned names that appeared on the nation’s newsstands in the first quarter of 2021. Indeed there were 34 new titles that were launched or relaunched in those first three months, and this number is more than half of the total number of 60 magazines that launched in 2020.
Boys’ Life; published since 1911, changed its name to Scout Life to pave the way for a gender-free community of scouts. And it’s a new name and a new look for AAA members as the print edition of its member publication is now known as AAA Explorer, giving the title a fresh look and a fresh new moniker. 
And if you remember the men’s adventure magazines of the 1950s, you’ll definitely want to order the first issue of Men’s Adventure Quarterly, a new print-on-demand magazine (when you order it, they send it) that features many of the exciting adventure stories born in the 1950s and 1960s. It’s a retro feeling old fans will love and new fans will quickly cultivate.
A successful digital-first brand from Hearst that has seen immeasurable growth with not only its website, but its printed bookazines and cookbooks, is launching a quarterly print magazine. Delish in print will be sold at the newsstands, but will also be an integral part of the subscription model the brand has in place for its online footprint. Issue 1 features some delectable ideas for breakfast + brunch.
And with the world infatuated with the Royal family more so today than ever before, PEOPLE brings us a new quarterly magazine simply called Royals. It’s sure to satisfy the most enthusiastic of Royal lovers.
And there are a lot of global magazines that are reaching newsstands in America. Magazines created and appreciated in our neighboring countries across the pond that are now showing up here for us to enjoy, such as Konfekt.  A sharp, elegant and well-turned-out new magazine from the creators of Monocle. It’s a quarterly publication covering fashion, travel, design, drinking, dining and culture in both English and German. And so is Orlando, not the city, but an international Italian magazine with Queen Elizabeth II gracing the cover of its first edition, and Simply Scandi setting the stage for a welcoming spring.
On the home front, Justsmile magazine is an independent cultural publication at the cross-section of fine art, fashion, ideas, self-expression, and inclusivity, according to its website. Mr. Magazine™ thinks it’s a sharp-looking new title that can be used as a tool for expressing ideas and dialogues. Created for everyone, Justsmile aims to shine a light on honest examples of inclusivity and diversity, providing a collaborative platform for Black and people of color voices to explore their work.

***And please remember, if Mr. Magazine™ can’t physically hold, touch and purchase the magazine, it does not enter the monthly counts. And counts now include only the titles with a regular frequency that are either new, first-seen on Mr. Magazine’s™ radar, or arriving to the national newsstands for the first time. 

60 New Magazines During The Year Of The Pandemic + 10 Specially Selected New Titles For Dollar Tree Only… The Mr. Magazine™ Launch Monitor

Even in the middle of a pandemic and with most of the retail stores closed, including bookstores and smaller shops, still some daring individuals and major publishers ventured with new magazine launches and introduced new titles or had new ones reaching newsstands during these trying times.

From legacy publishers like Meredith and Dennis Publishing to the brave entrepreneurs who dared to make their dreams come true, to a magazine like Marvin from a man who brought his own print experiences back to life, to the rebirth of Playgirl to the publication of Sweet July to Beach Happy to Drew and Jonathan Scott’s Reveal, 60 new magazines were born during a pandemic, including a weekly, yes you read that right,  aimed at kids The Week Junior,  proving once again that print is something people wanted and yes, this year, needed in their lives. 

Another great happening for magazines during the pandemic is Athlon reached a deal with the Dollar Tree chain to introduce selected titles at $1 in all of its stores. The titles sit prominently in their own stand. There are at least 10 of them in the Mr. Magazine™ End of Year review, in addition to a special issue of Remind magazine.

The following titles were born, or reborn in the case of some, from January 2020 until the end of December 2020, and are brought to you in complete awe and recognition of the work and creativity that many of the designers, editors, writers and magazine makers brought to you from the confines of their own homes. It was a daring feat to continue creating such quality magazines.

And now without further ado is your year in review, your 2020 miracle magazines that will entertain, educate and inform you in the best and the worst of times.  And keep in mind, the titles below are for those titles with a frequency and don’t include the hundreds of bookazines that arrived to the marketplace.



January & February Welcomes 15 New Titles…

We celebrated a New Year and a New decade in January and now February has come and gone and we have 15 wonderful new titles to also celebrate!

Easyriders has been around since 1970 and documents the stories of riders, their machines, and the places they take us. In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the newly, relaunched magazine is expanding the brand to include exclusive product collaborations and new insider events. The magazine (now printed in a larger size and with more editorial pages), has changed from monthly to quarterly, but will excite and tantalize the bike lover even more with all those extra editorial pages! Remember the tagline? It’s more than a magazine, it’s a lifestyle!

Founder and Editor in Chief, Chris Walsh, describes Fifty Grande as a biannual that explores the U.S. and does good along the way. The first issue features seasoned writers and new ones alike exploring the main theme of hometowns. This new magazine’s mission is to inspire more people to take advantage of all the incredible places and experiences across the country, connect with its communities and do good along the way. This is a magazine for the fun and adventurous—those who aspire to a life well-lived and see traveling, open-mindedness and new experiences central to that pursuit. Welcome to the world of magazines, Fifty Grande!


From Meredith another successful partnership seems to have been born! The largest and leading media and marketing company, reaching 185 million American consumers every month and nearly 90 percent of U.S. millennial women—and globally recognized lifestyle tastemakers Drew and Jonathan Scott have joined forces to create a new quarterly magazine called Reveal. With its tagline —”It all starts at home”— Reveal will share the twin brothers’ “dream big” philosophy on life, and will infuse ideas and storytelling that inspire personal growth and happiness into every issue with home at the core. Welcome to the fold, Reveal!

Until next time…

See you at the newsstands!!

***And please remember, if Mr. Magazine™ can’t physically hold, touch and purchase the magazine, it does not enter the monthly counts. And counts now include only the titles with a regular frequency that are either new, first-seen on Mr. Magazine’s™ radar, or arriving to the national newsstands for the first time. 


November & December Brought Us 24 New Titles To Our Bountiful Magazine Plates…

As we all gathered around our Thanksgiving tables and our holiday meals, Mr. Magazine™ hopes everyone had a fantastic and blessed holiday time. As far as magazines go, it was certainly a copious season for our print family as we approach 2020 and a brand new decade of the 21th century.

American Media produced two new titles during these holiday months: Your Week! and The Royals. Your Week! is a weekly title that features the latest fashion news, expert advice, celebrity interviews, along with games and puzzles, and is a really welcomed addition to newsstands with its mass appeal.

The Royals is a monthly title that brings us information about Royals all over the world, not just Harry, Meghan and Harry’s grandmother. The life of privilege and wealth has never been more popular and Mr. Magazine™ says welcome to both new titles.

And the green world of cannabis is still “growing” strong like weed (pun intended) as two new titles were born: Cannabliss (by far the best name yet for a cannabis magazine) and Hemp Grower.

Cannabliss is from Centennial Media and Associate Publisher, Scott Sciaacca, writes: Our flagship title Cannabliss is the first nationally syndicated newsstand publication that celebrates, and focuses on, the exciting connections between health, wellness and cannabis! Welcome to the marketplace Cannabliss!

Hemp Grower is a new title that focuses on the hemp grower,  to support legal hemp cultivators by providing actionable intelligence in all aspects of the business—from regulatory news to analysis of industry trends and business strategy, as well as expert advice on cultivation, extraction, marketing, financial topics, legal issues and more. It is a very interesting and different look at another side of the industry: the legal hemp trade. Mr. Magazine™ is thrilled to welcome both new magazines to the newsstands.

And please enjoy the covers of all 24 of our new magazines. They’re as beautiful and diverse as those of us who enjoy.

Until next month…a New Year and a new crop of titles await us…

See you at the newsstands…

***And please remember, if Mr. Magazine™ can’t physically hold, touch and purchase the magazine, it does not enter the monthly counts. And counts now include only the titles with a regular frequency that are either new, first-seen on Mr. Magazine’s™ radar, or arriving to the national newsstands for the first time. 


September & October Brought 23 New Titles To Your Autumn Magazine Table…

The Autumn season is upon us and Old Man Winter isn’t far behind, but be of good cheer, the world of magazines is providing you with some wonderful new magazines, jam-packed with information and entertainment for those Autumn evenings spent curled up in front of the fire.

For those planning an Italian Thanksgiving or just a fantastic meal for dinner one evening, I’m sure you will enjoy Condé Nast’s latest launch of La Cucina Italiana as a quarterly print magazine and website. Its arrival on our shores brings a good addition to the food magazines in the marketplace and brings a smile to a lot of fans of the culinary legend.

This beautiful magazine from Schumacher’s, the manufacturer and supplier that designs products for the  interior design industry, has hit newsstands for the first time. As an in-house title, The Bulletin, was published and sent as a trade magazine for the interior design industry, but now people across the country can buy this great title. Schumacher’s should be proud of its efforts, the magazine showcases the beauty of what they do in a most excellent way!

The Spectator, one of the world’s oldest, continuously published magazines (since 1828), had its first U.S. edition hit newsstands recently after starting a U.S. digital presence last year. The British bulwark is a weekly which  features politics, culture, and current affairs. With its unique brand of journalism, this great title is a breath of fresh air to the political scene and Mr. Magazine™ welcomes you to our shores!

Please enjoy the beautiful covers of our other great titles and in the meantime, get ready for a dynamic December!

Until the next time…

See you at the newsstands…

***And please remember, if Mr. Magazine™ can’t physically hold, touch and purchase the magazine, it does not enter the monthly counts. And counts now include only the titles with a regular frequency that are either new, first-seen on Mr. Magazine’s™ radar, or arriving to the national newsstands for the first time