March Brings Springtime & A Beautiful Array Of New Magazines – 6 With Promised Frequency & 62 Specials, Annuals & Bookazines…

Spring has arrived and it’s a time for freshness and a wave of good spirits as we all anticipate the warm, beautiful days ahead of us. And the world of magazines seems to agree as we have a host of new titles that not only beckon us to have a “Good Day!” but also to use Nature’s Remedies to “Heal Your Body” and to discover the “Journey to a Better You.” It’s a positive time of year with a positive number of new magazines – 6 with frequency and 62 specials, annuals and bookazines, with the total up just a bit from last year. In March 2016- we had 53 total new launches – with 46 of those specials, annuals and bookazines.

As you can see, niche is still queen of the newsstand as bookazines move in and take over their particular spot in the hierarchy of printdom more and more each year. As magazines and magazine media discovered some time ago, when you target the audience and provide them with the content they crave, people will pay for your product and wait for your next installment with anticipation.

So, I won’t make you wait any longer to look at our beautiful March covers and we’ll see you next month for an amazing April!

Up first, our frequency titles:

And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

With February Comes The Hint of Springtime & 37 New Titles on Newsstand, With 4 Promising Regular Frequency…

Springtime is right around the corner and as we say goodbye to February, we say hello to 37 new titles that were launched during the month. We had four new magazines with frequency and 33 specials, bookazines and annuals. From cooking healthy to obtaining “Big Muscles,” the specialty titles were loaded with fun, entertainment and helpful information.

So, I hope that you enjoy our beautiful February covers.

And remember, Mr. Magazine™ doesn’t count any title unless he has an actual, physical copy of the magazine.

Until next month…here are our February covers.

Up first, our frequency titles:

quiltfolk773 rova772 rustic-weddings774 thrivin809

And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

beauty-and-the-beast778 bikers-for-trump795 cut-the-sugar790 ground-beef-favorites794 healthy-cooking-guide784 healthy-smoothies786 innocent785 mens-health-big-muscle782 mini-gardens791 national-champions803 natural-healing-answers781 natural-home-remedies783 one-day-backyard-project792 people-mary-tyler-moore806 rise-up796 saturday-night-live808 scenery-structure789 sew-scrappy788 skillet-recipes793 slow-cooker-church-potlu776 southern-slow-cooker799 special-ops804 sporting-news802 the-best-of-wwe801 the-color-of-love777 the-dead-sea-scrolls805 the-mindfulness-manual800 time-the-science-of-marr807 tolkien-newsweek779 vanity-fair-icons-meryl780 vintage-garden-style787 yoga-international775 yoga-today798

January: A New Month, A New Year And A Total of 37 New Titles, 5 With Promised Frequency…

Often the month of January receives a bad wrap; people are finished with the Holiday season and are ready for springtime. And sometimes our expectations are preconceived when it comes to the “J” month that has a whopping, and usually frigid 31 days. But in the world of magazines the month of January was the beginning of the New Year, of course, but also the beginning of some very good and and very beautiful new titles. From the very popular Nick Jr.’s children’s series, Paw Patrol, which as of January had its own magazine, to specialty titles that ranged from 100 Women Who Changed the World to Birds & Butterflies (yes, even the magazine industry is ready for spring), the new titles gave us entertainment, information and inspiration.

So, enjoy our beautiful January, 2017 titles as we gear up for a fabulous February!

Up first, our frequency titles:

all-the-best-kappa-sudok361 ayurveda362 paw-patrol365 skillset364 weight-self-management363

And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

100-new-scientific-disco381 100-women-who-changed375 birds-butterflies391 chicago-trains382 dot-to-dot376 dream-gardens371 erotic-ink383 guide-to-turmeric396 harlequin-romance378 healing-herbs380 hitler392 how-to-paint388 life-first-women390 life-sherlock385 mediterraean-recipes379 newsweek-george-michael369 people-carrie-fisher393 people-george-michael368 rocky-mountain377 sports-illustrated-champ374 the-golden-girls372 the-roaring-20s387 the-science-of-sleep394 the-ultimate-rpg-370 time-mindfulness373 trump-newsweek389 trump386 usa-super-bowl366 usa-today-black-history367 usa-today-trump397 wonders-of-the-world395 your-body384

December New Launches Hit The Holiday Marketplace With A Strong Showing – A Total Of 66 New Titles, 23 With Promised Frequency…


All wrapped up with shiny bows and pretty paper, the Holiday Season is always a blessed and wonderful time for all of us, and this year was no exception for Mr. Magazine™ or the bevy of beautiful new magazines that hit newsstands. A total of 66 new launches made their holiday debut, with 23 of those titles promising us the gift of regular frequency. From a beautiful new quarterly about the music that is Blues, to theme-related Dot-To-Dot adult coloring books that promise hours of entertainment fun; December had a wonderfully eclectic blend of titles that surely made the hardest to buy for an easy task.

So, I hope that you enjoy our beautiful new launch covers for the month of December and are as excited about the upcoming 2017 magazine New Year as I am.

Up first, our frequency titles:

artspeak-nyc041 avenues047 aw-1617048 b-17g031 blues030 create040 deviation042 extreme-dot-moments-in-h034 extreme-dot-to-dot033 fashion-fanzine049 forks-over-knives036 love-sexo037 luca027 mediterranean-homes039 paint-and-draw035 peeps044 phosphenes038 posture043 qoc045 quiet-lunch028 sci-fi-icons029 us-of-america032 wild-hope046


And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

1970s-in-focus076 american-cars050 barack-obama083 beautiful-southern-homes066 best-harley-sportsters064 chicken-soup-for-the-sou086 drop-a-decade051 ebony-hail-to-the-chief065 essence-the-obamas077 ew-rogue-one082 fat-quarter-quilts079 flow-notebook-for-paper072 hastings-1066075 healthy-recipes054 how-to-enamel-jewelry070 i-did-it055 immunity-boosters090 interstellar068 life-pearl-harbor078 modern-family-cookbook081 new-artificial-intellige062 ng-jesus084 people-star-wars087 people-true-crime092 remodeling056 roasts053 rogue-one071 si-farewell-2016061 star-wars074 sugar-detox069 superbowls-greatest063 the-best-of-vanity-fair052 the-godfather058 the-nation059 time-barack-obama057 time-john-glenn060 titan-rogue-one088 upstyled-home089 us-star-wars073 vanity-fair-liz-taylor091 yankees-magazine085 yoga-mindfulness067 yosemite080






This November The Bounty Of 75 New Magazines Was Certainly Something To Be Thankful For With 26 Titles Promising Regular Frequency & 49 Specials, Annuals and Bookazines

As everyone is gearing up for a fun and exciting holiday season, the world of magazines is no exception. In November the new titles were diverse and as plentiful as  pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Frequency magazines included everything from the foodie magazine “Cured”, to “Grow,” a magazine for the quintessential cannabis horticulturist. There were more adult coloring titles, and of course those rare breeds that reflect the passions and ideas of their creators, such as “Cartography” and “illustoria,” a magazine for creative kids and their grownups.

I hope that you enjoy our great November covers as we anticipate the upcoming Christmas & Holiday season, and all of the wonderful December titles that are on the way.

Until then…here are the November magazines including my favorite representative name for a magazine so far, “Me Time.”  That’s what magazines are for, just me time.

Up first our extraordinary frequency covers:

2000-ad 38084 bake-it-up-2 bee-keeping behind-the-blinds-2 cartography color-girl cured curious-jane disney-the-lion-guard dot-dot-dot-6 eastern-home-travel grow illustoria kill-pretty legendary-arms me-time oxford-magazine root-star ruminate sacramento-home smooches-woman stand tail toile zeke

And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

100-shocking009 2016-induction-baseball-hall-of-fame arnold-palmer-golf calm-psalms016 chicago-cubs-1 chicago-cubs chocolate country-almanac cubs-win022crimes-of-passion025 disney-moana doris-day drop-a-decade010 electric-trains014 essential-emeril026 family-traditions great-trains harrison-ford015 harry-porter-fantastic-beasts harry-potter008 holiday-cookies instant-calm007 jesus joys-of-the-season020 life-s-chicago-cubs life-coloring-book mad-stocking-stuffer metallica mother-earth-news newsweek-president-trump013 pearl-harbor smoothies-soup southern-living018 spin-knit sporting-news-cubs-win star-trek019 superdetailing023 supreme-dot-to-dot024 taste-of-home-color the-doors021 the-obama-years011 the-rock time-donald-trump012 travel-america usa-today-florida-caribbean usa-today-mars veg-baking017 world-champions world-war-iis-first-dogfights

A Great October Harvest of New Magazines – 32 Promised Frequency & 91 Specials, Annuals & Bookazines…

Last October as we all enjoyed autumn and the fun times that go along with it; we had an abundance of new magazines to savor and appreciate while we carved pumpkins and ate leftover Halloween candy – 62 new titles to be exact – 21 with promised frequency. This time around our fall harvest is more bountiful than ever – with 123 new titles – 32 with regular frequency and 91 specials, annuals and bookazines. To say Mr. Magazine™ is thrilled and overjoyed would be an understatement.

In our frequency titles, puzzles and adult coloring books dominated the newsstand with a combined total of 11 new magazines out there for our pleasure and relaxation. And in the specials, annuals and bookazines, there was everything from tributes to the late Arnold Palmer to Christmas titles guaranteed to put us in the Spirit for the holidays. Overall, October was a month to remember and a glorious moment in time for magazines.

Until next month – please enjoy these great new titles.

Up first our beautiful frequency covers:

amazing-animals amazing-mandalas amazing-seascapes amazingmasks american-iron-salute batik-quilts decor diverse-ability easy-variety-puzzles elite-variety-puzzles geralidine herdes horrorville large-print-variety-puzzles m magnoliajournal milk-street natgeowild oliday-tags-and-ornaments platinum-variety-puzzles pokemango pokemanmania quality-variety-puzzles quilts-we-love racquet simply-variety-puzzles southernfarmandgarden stylemakers true-story variety-puzzles-and-crosswords xythe-national

And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

100-lost-treasures 100-photographs 100-shocking-events aarp alexander-hamilton arnie arnold-palmer-1 arnold-palmer atlas-of-the-ancient-world beautiful-cities-coloring-book best-of-the-world birds-and-blooms brunch-breakfast catsanddogs christmas-cookies christmas-romance ctpastors david-manns-motorcycles delicious-recipes-for-diabetics detoxyourbodyandhome disasters doctor-strange drumhead-legends easy-diy-decorating easymodernquilts eat-up-atlanta farmcollector farmgirl-diy fixitandforgetit flow foodnetwork get-organized getaway gourmet-holidays gourtmetpastas gratefuldead growingforone gunfighter hamilton harry-potter haunted health-after-50 heroes-of-world-war-ii hitler holiday-handbook holiday-recipes-people holiday-the-ultimate-country-christmas holidays home-hints-for-the-holidays homeremedies house-and-home-just-for-kids how-to-climb instylehomeanddesign jewelry kim lifegreatspace marijuana2-0 mindfulness paula-deen-one-dish-meals pearl-harbor-75 pearl-harbor people-50-years-of-the-cmas pink-floyd pokemon-go quick-easy-and-clean-suppers ranch-recipes remingtoncountry roasted room-by-room-makeovers rustic scientificamerican soupsandsides southern-dreamhomes southern-living-holiday-cakes step-by-step-thanksgiving-recipes tasteofhomecolor tasteofhomefallbaking the-amazing-brain the-private-marilyn the-ultimate-guide-to-the-walking-dead-magazine-2 the-ultimate-guide-to-the-walking-dead the-world-of-wands-and-wizards timemars touring trolls-activity-book trolls vintagecrochet vogue-it-girl-style wholesomecooking wirejewelry zerobellysmoothies

A Great September As We Celebrate 59 New Titles – 13 With Promised Frequency…

The month of September brings us the beginning of autumn and cooler temps and fun fall frolicking that we look forward to all year long. And this September also brought us 59 new titles that were actually on the newsstands for purchase. We had 13 new launches with promised frequency and of the titles born this month, some were amazingly niche, while others, such as the new Celebrity Page, were more mainstream, but with a unique twist.

In fact, Bella Media Group saw the launch of two new magazines all on its own: the aforementioned Celebrity Page and Bella L.A. It’s obvious print is holding strong and steady with this company as we welcome both titles to the newsstand.Variety puzzles were also a mainstay this month, as were the adult coloring books, which continue to thrive.

I hope that you enjoy our exceptional array of new autumn stars for this September…stay tuned for what is sure to be an outstanding October. Until next month…here are are September titles.

Up first, our beautiful frequency covers:

archie artdesign bella-la bling-scene celbrity-page chicken-soup-for-the-soul crafty-colors fitness-gurls-magazine joy-of-coloring large-print-variety platinum-variety-puzzles variety-puzzles weird-history

And now our specials, annuals and bookazines:

5-2 americas-most-notorious-crimes american-inventors american-presidents baking beat-pain beatles best-of-cottages best-seaside-parties botanical-garden celebrate-the-70s chicago-cubs cook-it-right cooking-for-two cooking-with-herbs easy-rider gene-wilder glamour guide-to-chickens hidden-earth holiday-decor investment-retirement-guide jon-ben killing-isis life-coloring-book mexican michael-phelps mindfulness no-gym-required pistol pumpkin-recipes rifle room-by-room simple-one-pan-dishest slow-cooker star-trek taylor-swift the-figure the-make-ahead-cook the-royal-family the-total-outdoorsman twisted-tattoos usa-today vintage-holidays wild-but-true wwii

An Auspicious August As We Welcome 66 New Titles To The Newsstand…19 With Promised Frequency…

As summer winds down and fall approaches, thoughts of cooler temps, football, and of course new magazines, are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, or at least they are mine. August brought us another diverse delivery of entertaining and informative reading. From frequency titles like “Spoonful,” a magazine with the tagline: a guide to food & laughter, to a magazine called “Kazoo” that was started by a mom, her daughter and a Kickstarter campaign when they couldn’t find a magazine they liked to read together; the month of August produced some very memorable magazine moments, with many more promised from these new titles in the months to come.

So, enjoy these beautiful covers and until next month – happy magazine reading!

Up first, our frequency titles:

Billy Color Magic Colorful Escapes Dallas Down for Life 1 farmville heros hola Hue Journal jae kazoo Minecraft Mayhem Object 1 Self Reliance Spoonfulsous swanky Voyage permaculture

And now our specials, bookazines & annuals:

50 impact players All-Season Throws American Girl animal kingdom Best of Urban Farm bigger bucks Bohemian Home British STyle Celebrate the Seasons Colorways Cottage Country Cottage Home Style 1 Drinks & Snacks Eat CHeap eats Fantasy Football FIlm Noir French Home Great Trains West Guide to Fall Gardening Guide to Slow Cooking 3 Inside World War II Mac & Cheese Modern Family Monster & Scale Trucks New Realism Organic Life Queen Elizabeth Real SImple Small Space Style Southern Settings Stress-free seamless crochet The Best Mexican Recipes The Most Influential The Science of Relationships TheNFL Book Vintage Crochet WEED USA Weeknight Dinners 1 WIne and Spirits yoga lifeAlistar trekTomato Recipestim duncandot to dotFresg Garden Recipes

July Held Strong With 60 New Titles – 10 With Regular Frequency

Summertime brings hot temps, great tans, super vacations & awesome magazines to accompany us on those funfilled, beach-driven days. And July proved true to that statement, with 10 new titles promising regular frequency. From adult coloring to home remedies and special herbs – July was a month that gave us some wonderful summer magazine reading.

And it was a celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, when it came to the special issues. Commemorative, beautiful covers that walked us down galaxy lane as we relived the many different faces of the TV show and the films. Along with our friends from across the Milky Way, July specials also featured the human fascination with what we put in our bodies, with delectable epicurean magazines loaded with covers that made our mouths water and new healthy-living magazines that showed us how to eat right, while never losing that great taste.

Until next month – enjoy our beautiful July covers…

Up first, our frequency covers:

Count Your Blessings cropped Decorate cropped Enchanting flower cropped Home Remedies cropped Live with Heart & SOul cropped 1 misadventures cropped Mustang cropped my herbs edited Southern Cottage cropped Together cropped


And now our Specials:

anti aging cropped weeknight cookbook cropped vintage celebrations cropped US cropped The paper craft cropped The Olympics cropped the beatles cropped summer crop star trek cropped star trek crop star trek 50 cropped star trek 22 crop 1 st crop spy vs. spy crop spain cropped southern suppers cropped shoot crop sat evening post cropped rio games cropped Quilting Traditions cropped puz crop 1 pop sci crop pokemon go cropped people crop pema crop olympic world cropped never diet again cropped Mountain escapes cropped make and take cropped home pan crop highlights cropped halloween cropped Gone too soon cropped gettysburg cropped fvp racer crop flow cropped everyday veg cropped essential recipes cropped eat clean cropped Dwell your rooms we love cropped crochet & joy cropped consumer reports kitchen cropped clean crop chain crop blue zones cropped best ever salads cropped back to school cropped ali crop adele crop 300 calorie cropped

Steady Numbers For June – 58 Total New Launches – With 13 Promised Frequency

June showed steady numbers as the lazy, hazy days of summer began, with a total of 58 new titles, 13 of which were with promised frequency. Adult and teen coloring crafts were once again in the forefront as three new titles hit newsstands and regional made a strong showing as publisher, Arkansas Wild delivered two new titles this year following the launch of the first one late in 2015: Bike Arkansas, Fish Arkansas and Paddle Arkansas. From the cannabis world, and a spinoff of the successful “Marijuana Venture” magazine, comes a new title: Sungrower & Greenhouse, that is dedicated to cannabis growers who use natural sunlight.

It’s a great variety of impactful titles that will help make those long summer days a breeze as you enjoy each one. See you next month for a fantastic July!

And, as always, a quick reminder that if I do not have a physical copy of the first issue, you will not see it in the launch monitor.  So, if I missed your launch please send me a copy of your first issue to:

Samir “Mr. Magazine™” Husni

P.O. Box 1062

Oxford, MS 38655

Up first, our June frequency covers:

B Magazine